Occupational Therapy

The purpose of Occupational Therapy is to help a child achieve their maximum potential at school, home and in play/social activities.

Children may experience various challenges in their development, which when understood fully, can be addressed therapeutically to improve a variety of skills from tying shoelaces to concentrating better in class.

The service we provide is within a warm, family-friendly environment. We use a range of therapeutic approaches including sensory strategies to support childrens needs. We work with sensitivity and awareness of your child’s needs and strengths and support them to grow and learn. In the belief that children thrive best with therapeutic activities that inspire fun, we ensure all interactions are engaging and enjoyable.

Our mission, in partnership with your family unit, is to:

  • Support your child to reach their full potential using an individualised child-centred approach.
  • Provide affordable, high-quality integrated therapy in a caring and sensory stimulating environment.


  • Full Assessment €730
  • Parent 1:1 €120
  • Sensory Assessment €500
  • DCD/Motor Assessment €550
  • Handwriting Assessment €500
  • Review Assessment €300
  • Clinic Intervention – 50 mins €130
  • Supporting Letter €160
  • School Visit €250 (additional travel charges apply)
  • Home Visit €250 (additional travel charges apply)
  • Parent phone consultation €120 (50 min)
  • Clinical Specialist OT Hourly Rate €150


Block of interventions:

  • block of 4: 500€
  • block of 6: 750€
  • block of 6 plus report: 1000€

A non refundable Booking deposit of 50% service fee required for all bookings to secure the appointment. Balance is due in full 48 hours prior to the appointment.

Appointment cancellation

Cancellation before 48 hrs (no charge)
Late cancellations: Less than 48 hours – Full Charge (100% fee)

Occupational Therapy Focuses On

  • Motor development
  • Sensory integration
  • Attention & regulation
  • Organisational skills
  • Supporting authentic connection for our neurodivergent clients while honouring their social preferences and needs
  • Emotional balance
  • Learning support
  • Handwriting development
  • Thriving in a school environment
  • Practical living skills


One of our Occupational Therapists (OT) will assess your child and determine the underlying components impinging on their functioning. The OT will identify appropriate strategies to help them. OT’s work closely with parents, teachers and healthcare professionals. We ensure goals and therapeutic interventions are holistic, meaningful and well-targeted to facilitate your child’s optimum development.

Therapy sessions are fun, creative and stimulating for a child’s development whatever their age and level. Our OT’s ensure that your child experiences success in each activity which not only develops their skills but also greatly boosts their self-confidence.

Occupational Therapy


Meghan O’Rourke
Children’s Occupational Therapist
BSc. Occupational Therapy

Meghan is a Children’s Occupational Therapist with over 6 years experience working in children’s community-based services. She completed her degree in Occupational Therapy in Trinity College Dublin, graduating in 2016. Meghan has worked in both the public and private sectors in Ireland and spent 3 years working as an Occupational Therapist in Canada within the public school-based services.

Meghan has a particular interest in supporting access, inclusion and participation in the educational environment for the neurodivergent community. Meghan’s passions within practice include neuro-affirmative therapy approaches, understanding and supporting sensory processing needs and collaborating with caregivers to support child goal-attainment. Meghan has completed additional training in the areas of Sensory Integration, DIR floortime and the Learn Play Thrive Approach to Autism, among others.

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