At The Diverse Minds Academy, we believe that health, happiness, and togetherness are the cornerstones of a thriving family. That’s why we offer a range of engaging and rejuvenating classes designed to bring parents, kids, and siblings closer while promoting physical and mental well-being.


Mum & Baby Yoga

Great for new mums, take this opportunity to get out of the house and create life long bonds with other mothers.

The class will provide an opportunity to help bring your postnatal body back into shape as well as helping with infant development and bonding.

Social connections with new mums is a vital community link we are proud to offer. Have fun in these classes and provide a support network for your future.

Please speak to our instructors if you have any concerns or need support. Motherhood can be a vulnerable time.


Family Yoga

Family yoga is for all the crew at home. Parents, grandparents, toddler and older kids. Come and have fun and learn some great moves, games and take time to build memories together.

Enjoy Group and partner yoga poses, Fun games, Dance, Singing, Laughter, Goofiness and playfulness, Loving embraces and restful time

The Diverse Minds Academy Classes

Mini Jam

Babies and toddlers learn more in their first three years than in any other time of their lives, and the skills they develop; spatial awareness, cognitive knowledge, socialisation, fine and gross motor skills, visual understanding, cause and effect, and listening and language form the building blocks for the rest of their lives. Mini Jam is a fun and interactive music, singing and movement class for kids who are walking steadily to 3.5 years old.

Classes are age-specific and carefully structured. Mini Jam features a mix of well-known nursery rhymes and action songs. Children also have a hands-on experience with our array of percussion instruments. Mini Jam not only helps your child develop a love of music it will also help children develop language, social, emotional and physical skills.


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